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Meet Vitas Group

Vitas Group is a for-profit holding company that operates a network of microfinance companies, predominantly in the Middle East. With a 20+ year track record of success lending to micro and small and medium enterprises in the region. We are a unique group of companies and the only such investment vehicle for impact investors in the region. Over the last 10 years, Vitas companies have disbursed more than $1.4 billion to over 535,000 customers with an annual default rate below one percent.

2018 in numbers

Vitas Group was founded by Global Communities, a global development non-profit organization, and shares its mission of improving the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable people. Vitas is a market leader in Jordan, Lebanon, Romania, and Palestine, with an affiliate in Iraq.  We pride ourselves on being from and for the communities where we work. Our leadership teams have deep sectoral expertise, rich knowledge of the local market, and over 15 years’ experience with Global Communities and Vitas. Their dedication and passion sets the example for our nearly 1,300 local staff around the world, who are on the ground every day showing what it means to finance a better world.