Client Country: Jordan
Client Type of Business: Farmer


Over the years, Vitas has become a reliable source of financial support for business owners in rural areas. One of Vitas’ 22,500 rural clients is 27-year old Ahmad Mohamed Ahmad Al-Safouri. He lives in a small village near Irbid, Jordan. Ahmad runs a small farm where he lives with his extended family. To make ends meet he sells milk and raises chickens on his farm. Although the demand for milk from his farm was on the rise, increasing the size of his herd and sustaining them was a big challenge. Unable to rely solely on financial assistance from his family, Ahmad approached Vitas for a loan. The money helped him stabilize his business. “I want to pay off my current loan and then apply for another one that will help me in increasing the number of cows,” Ahmad says. For Ahmad, Vitas Jordan’s support could not have come at a better time and helped him through a difficult period in which he might have lost his business altogether.