Nordyn Yacine

Nordyn Yacine is Chief Digital Officer of Vitas Group. Mr. Yacine has provided executive leadership in digital transformation, e-commerce, and financial services industries for the past 24 years in complex, uncertain, high paced, multi-stakeholder environments. He is an expert in the latest trends in digital & mobile transformation and how these new industries changed the way to engage with consumers. Prior to join Global Communities, he completed an international corporate career for 15 years working for Eastman Kodak, as Head of Africa Business Development, Automobiles Peugeot, as head of Digital Global Deployment & MasterCard Europe as head of eCommerce Europe. For 10 years, he has been based in Dublin and became an entrepreneur and Fintech specialist advising start-up and companies in financial services on digital transformation, international expansion and new product development. He is a visiting professor at EDC Paris Business School Master of International Entrepreneurship teaching mobile marketing. 

Chief Digital Officer
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