2019 Social Impact Report

This report summarizes the results of the fourth bi-annual survey of network institutions, covering the period of FY2019. Surveys were conducted across five institutions in the Global Communities and Vitas network in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Romania, with a combined outstanding portfolio of $262,101,101 and 100,717 active clients as of September 30, 2019.

2018 Annual Report

In 2018, Vitas Group advanced three key strategic initiatives that will continue to define our work in the years to come. We are focused on being - Inclusive, Responsive and Connected – for the benefit of our customers, our managers, and our strategic partners.

2017 Social Performance Report

The report summarizes the results of the third bi-annual survey of network institutions, covering the period of FY2017.

2017 Annual Report

The year 2017 marked several exciting developments for Vitas Group. We signed shareholders agreements and closed investments with new commercial partners in Lebanon and Egypt. Saradar Bank purchased a 49 percent stake in Vitas Lebanon and committed $20 million in new debt financing to expand our footprint across the country.

2016 Annual Report

In this year’s annual report you will find growing evidence that affirms our commitment to our customers and our employees across the Vitas family of companies. We continue to be leaders in financial inclusion in the Middle East region, which has played host to a myriad of challenges that long predate the current crisis in Syria.