Vitas Digital

Vitas Group Digital Transformation

•Vitas Group’s strategic goals over 2018-2021 focus on positioning the Group to become a digitally enabled network of small enterprise financial providers with ready expansion to new markets.
•Leverage data and technology to sustain growth and stay competitive, explore new markets (geography as well as customer segments) via a Vitas Digital product line; and test the feasibility of a cross country digital lending platform.
•Modernize existing processes to increase efficiency and improve the customer journey, and to explore new market segments where there is demand for primarily digital products or channels.
•Partnership with U.S. fintech ‘FinConecta’ to enhance Vitas’ proprietary loan management system and overall technology architecture.
•Partnership with Pakistan firm ‘Techlogix’ to launch TMX – a mobile loan origination application.   


Digitalization initiatives underway


e-payments partners, e-wallet, supply chain distributor network, generating leads through social and digital platforms


Zain Cash partner for agency and e-wallets


e-payments partners, client app, TMX loan application app


e-payments partners and agency covering 800 POS across country, scoring tool underway, TMX loan application app in prep phase


SMS messaging, client app  


Client acquisition using digital and social platforms, SMS messaging, client app, scoring tool, payment services provider license in prep phase