Tahani Kadhum

Client Country: 
Client Type of Business: 
Hair Salon

Tahani’s Story:
Tahani Kadhum is on her fifth loan from Vitas Iraq and runs a hair salon in her town. She used her current loan of $20,000 to update the interior design of her shop and to purchase new hairstyling materials and accessories. Thanks to her loans with Vitas Iraq, Tahani’s shop has gained a first-class reputation and is widely regarded as the best hair salons in town. Tahani remains up to date with the
latest industry trends in order to maintain her salon’s success well into the future. Her love and passion for work, made Tahani proceed with taking her fifth loan from CHF Vitas Iraq already. The $20,000 loan allowed her to install new interior decoration in her shop, and purchase latest hairstyling devices and accessories. Thanks to loans from CHF Vitas Iraq, Tahani’s hair salon has gained a first-class reputation as one of the best in town, and won various certificates in the field. Tahani’s ambitions do not end here, as she constantly keeps up with the latest trends and stayed updated in order to maintain her salon’s success in the future