Naghim Sahar

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Naghim, Sahar Salon, Al-Rabahieh, Amman, Jordan


Naghim opened the Sahar Salon with her mother and the salon’s namesake, Sahar, nearly three years ago.  Naghim works as a social media manager but also helps her mother to manage the salon, along with her three sisters.  Sahar left her government job to pursue her dream of owning a beauty salon.  As their client base grew, the salon began to attract more and more clients and now Sahar Salon is favored by high profile clientele from the Jordanian TV and film industry.  At the request of their clients, Naghim decided to add a Turkish bath spa to their salon and approached Vitas Jordan for a 4,000 JOD ($5,642) loan to purchase the amenities.  Naghim selected Vitas Jordan over other loan providers because of the low interest rate that the company offers.