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Vitas Group is a unique group of companies that reflect the culmination of two decades’ worth of microfinance experience in many different geographic and political environments. 

Vitas Group offers an attractive return on investment and an opportunity to join the only commercially-oriented, private network of high performing, specialized small business lending institutions with a focus on  the Middle East region. As a path for growth, Vitas Group seeks investment opportunities in both existing and new countries, where its strong credit underwriting and client centric approach to micro and small enterprise lending will advance financial inclusion and enhance employment in the country.  Stay tuned for more on Vitas Digital – the next frontier.

When we started in 2006, Vitas Group’s overall loan portfolio was $64 million, serving 30,264 clients. Today our portfolio is more than $280 million and serves more than 100,000 clients, who over the years have consistently achieved 98 percent or better repayment rates on our loans. We have served morethan 530,000 businesses, and we have supported more than 600,000 full-time and part-time jobs.

In 2018, Vitas Group advanced three key strategic initiatives that will continue to define our work in the years to come. We are focused on being - Inclusive, Responsive and Connected – for the benefit of our customers, our managers, and our strategic partners. 

Vitas Modern went live with the digitization of our client onboarding and loan application process. We have worked hard to reduce the turnaround time (the time in which a client applies for a loan to the time their loan is approved and disbursed) to less than a week. We know that customers care about responsiveness and we expect to cut that rate down to just couple of days by the end of the year. 

Our technology partners Techlogix, Zain Cash, Bee, Masari, EFawateer, and Cash United among others are drastically opening up new ways to interact with our customers so that they also benefit fromreal time transactions along with the convenience of using various digital channels, agents and e-wallets to manage their financial lives. 

In 2018, Vitas subsidiaries underwent a digital transformation readiness assessment and defined initial steps to better position our Group for future growth. This is an intentional focus on the building blocks we need to connect ourselves and our small business customers to a more digitally-powered financial ecosystem.

Small businesses are the engines of job creation and local economic growth. As the global economy evolves, it is all the more important that we own the responsibility of financial partner and ensure our customers are not left behind.  An impressive 515 million accounts, largely mobile accounts, have propelled financial inclusion between 2014 and 2017. Yet, high account dormancy rates beg the question of access versus usage, and an explosion in consumer lending vs. productive lending to enterprises beg the question of how we prioritize access versus financial health.

In Vitas, we have the opportunity to drive inclusion in a region that still suffers the lowest rate of financial inclusion in the world. We have the opportunity to prioritize our financing in productive enterprises that can drive job prospects for youth and economic opportunity for low-income communities. Ultimately, that is what we are about. We thank all our partners and invite you to join us in the exciting journey ahead.

All investment inquiries may be made through the “Contact Us” page on the website.


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