Investment Policy


Goals and Objectives

The fundamental goal of Vitas Group is to support the creation and growth of financial institutions that dramatically improve access to financial services for micro and small entrepreneurs in developing markets. By deploying needed capital to growth markets, and employing seasoned, local managers that can effectively target those funds to meet the most urgent client needs, we have developed an extremely localized and human-centered strategy. To this end, Vitas’ continuing investment strategy focuses on early-stage or greenfield institutions whose earning potential can most effectively be realized with a strategic investor and strong management support.

Vitas Group’s financial objectives are to ensure capital preservation while pursuing responsible growth, and to achieve a reasonable return for its unitholders. A portion of the returns achieved through investments are reinvested in Vitas Group to develop its network of subsidiaries.

Investment Criteria

Vitas Group seeks to grow its portfolio using a two-pronged approach. First, by investing in the most market-ready of Global Communities’ microfinance subsidiaries, namely those which have the strongest potential to make a social impact in their markets, and that are positioned for the rapid growth required to do so.

Secondly, Vitas seeks to leverage its unique expertise and track record to invest in new financial institutions, primarily in the Middle East and North Africa, where millions of citizens remain at the fringes of their own economies due to instability and massive financial market gaps.

All investment inquiries may be made through the “Contact Us” page on the website.


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