Year 2016 Leaders in Financial Inclusion

2016 Annual Report

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In this year’s annual report you will find growing evidence that affirms our commitment to our customers and our employees across the Vitas family of companies. We continue to be leaders in financial inclusion in the Middle East region, which has played host to a myriad of challenges that long predate the current crisis in Syria. Lack of strong institutions, resource shortages, and political power struggles have exacerbated socio-economic, ethnic and religious divides that leave behind the most disadvantaged groups, especially youth, women, and low-income households. Yet what many fail to realize is that this is also a region where literacy rates, education levels, entrepreneurial spirit and family ties also lend themselves to a burgeoning middle class, a vibrant business community, and an incredible resilience of people in the face of crisis. In fact, our employees will say that crisis management is how we manage, and that challenge presents ingenuity and opportunity.