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Vitas Investments

Currently, Vitas Group holds four subsidiaries: Vitas Lebanon, Vitas Romania, Vitas Jordan and Vitas Palestine. Vitas Iraq shares a brand name with the company because its culture and values align with those of Vitas; however it is not currently a member of Vitas Group.


Vitas Lebanon, has been a major player in the Lebanese Microfinance sector since 1999. Originally a micro-credit program created by Global Communities, Vitas became a Lebanese services company in 2003, and in 2007 registered with the Central Bank of Lebanon to become the first Lebanese financial institution specialized in Microfinance. This change in legal status has enabled Vitas Lebanon to provide loans directly to its clients, or through bank partnership arrangements in collaboration with one of its four partner banks. Its entry to Vitas Group enables the company to expand its direct lending capacities, using the additional investment capital, thereby drastically increasing their ability to bring commercial capital to low-income populations who are underserved by traditional financial markets.

Find out more at: http://www.vitaslebanon.com/




Vitas Romania is a locally registered Romanian non-bank financial institution focused on providing excellent services and a wide range of credit products to microenterprises, and small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs). Vitas Romania has focused their efforts on MSMEs because they feel strongly that small, local businesses generate the most significant employment, and therefore have a vital role to play in the recovery of the country’s economy following the financial crisis of 2009. By joining Vitas Group, Vitas Romania is able to leverage new funds to exponentially increase the number of local entrepreneurs and homeowners it serves. The company currently reaches 15 Romanian counties, enabling Vitas Romania to fulfill its mission to contribute to the growth of the local economy by bringing convenient, trustworthy financial services to underserved populations.

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Vitas Jordan is a locally registered, non-bank financial institution founded as the Middle East Micro Credit Company (MEMCC), which has been providing credit to the underserved communities of Jordan since 1998, and has become one of the largest microfinance institutions in the country. Through its diverse selection of loan products, ranging from microloans for female entrepreneurs to medium-sized loans for factories that employ 10 people, Vitas Jordan is able meet a “double bottom line” in its business, creating both a social and financial return for its stakeholders. Vitas Jordan is a member of the Microfinance Association of Jordan and the Sanabel Microfinance Network of Arab Countries, and is perceived as an industry expert on operations in Southern Jordan, where it got its start.

Find out more at: http://www.vitasjordan.com 


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Vitas Palestine is a non-bank financial institution founded as Ryada, a lending program started by Global Communities in 1995 to provide loans for home improvement in the Gaza Strip. Vitas was registered in 2014 and is majority owned by Global Communities, with a minority stake owned by Vitas Group. Vitas now operates seven branches across the West Bank and Gaza, offering microfinance loans for home improvement and small businesses to individuals who do not have access to the traditional banking sector. Today, Vitas Palestine is one of the largest microfinance providers in the West Bank and Gaza, with a consistent track record of high quality performance. Vitas Palestine has an ambitious vision for growth: to connect over 17,000 clients to new opportunities by expanding its branches and introducing new products that will better meet their needs.

Find out more at www.vitas.ps