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Our Partners, the Faces of Vitas Jordan

Iman Al-Ali:  Unique and Beautiful Embroidery

Iman al Ali_2
For over 10 years, Iman Al-Ali’s smiling face has been a regular bright spot for the Vitas Jordan team in Kerak. Since taking out her first loan in 2004, she has developed a long lasting relationship with the company, and eight loans later she has invested over 11,400 JDs (US $15,960) in her business with Vitas’ support.

As an expert in detailed handicrafts and intricate gown-making, Iman’s nimble fingers have earned her a dedicated following of customers. What started out as a custom-order only model has blossomed into a steady stream of business; several local stores now keep a regular stock of her products on their shelves. With her increased production, Iman has expanded her operations into a small shop next to her home, and Vitas Jordan is thrilled about her potential. Whether it is through new loans for working capital, or the non-financial training and services offered to small businesses, Vitas Jordan is proud to be a part in her success, for every step along the way!  


Sa’eed Atallah: Starting Small, Dreaming Big

Sa'eed Atallah_2Sa’eed Atallah is the owner of a small dessert shop in the center of the Al-Hashmi district in Amman, Jordan. Sa’eed became a Vitas client when he decided that it was time to make some upgrades to his small but growing business.

He started with a loan of 1000JDs (US $1,400) that he used to buy an ice cream freezer and a juice maker and update the shop’s decorations to make it more appealing to a broader crowd. “You start small but you dream big,” Sa’eed says, as he discusses his dream of starting a series of branches for his successful dessert shop.

Sa’eed explains that what encourages him to continue dealing with Vitas is the ease of the transactions and the knowledge that their financial services just might be the thing that makes his big dream come true. Vitas Group looks forward to watching his business, and his dreams, grow!